As a qualified and registered psychotherapist, I believe that psychotherapy can be used to treat a number of ailments and issues to great success. One such problem which is responsive to psychotherapy Purley is covered by the term “personality disorders”.

Every single one of us has a personality. It is the thing which other people notice about us and what makes us attractive to certain people. Some people have outgoing personalities whilst others are more reserved but every one of us has our own unique personality.

A personality disorder describes any condition which leaves the person in question unable to control their personality. They may act in a destructive, negative or harmful way as the result of their disorder and may or may not realise that they are acting in a certain way. Current figures estimate that some 10% of people may suffer from some form of personality disorder.

Because the term personality disorder sounds so off-putting, it is rarely used once a more formal diagnosis of the actual condition has been made. The diagnoses may include schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder, antisocial, and obsessive compulsive disorders: although there are many more types and diseases which may form part of the wider term.

The frightening thing about personality disorders is that they can happen to anyone and often present without warning, although symptoms tend to build up rather than “explode”.

Psychotherapy is often used in the treatment of personality disorders with the aim of enabling the sufferer to help control and understand their thought processes and emotions and in turn understand themselves better. A further aim is to encourage social interaction. In the past, people with personality disorders may have been encouraged to distance themselves from social situations but research has found that this can not only stir up prejudice but is also of no value for the person themselves.

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